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When can I receive my first prenatal massage?

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Massage can be received all throughout your pregnancy with a certified prenatal massage therapist. Kristyn Powell is a certified prenatal massage therapist with over 10 years of specialized prenatal and postpartum massage care. Each week of your pregnancy is unique. Connecting with your new found body and finding holistic techniques for your care as early as possible is extremely beneficial.  Discuss with your prenatal care provider regarding personal precautions and/or contraindications. 

How often should I receive a prenatal massage?

Baby Your Back Massage recommends once a month and every 2-3 weeks during the end of the 2nd trimester and into the 3rd trimester for greater relaxation and preparation for birth. You can receive a prenatal massage all throughout your pregnancy and during any trimester of pregnancy.  Consistent relaxation including massage throughout your pregnancy have been proven to be beneficial for mom and baby. Discuss with your prenatal care provider regarding personal precautions and/or contraindications. 

What is a Labor Ready Massage?

A labor ready massage is for prenatal clients who are 37 weeks and beyond. This stage of pregnancy is when most mom’s need the most committed care and greater relaxation.  Baby Your Back Massage currently schedules 90 minute Labor Ready massages for greater relaxation and care. Contact Baby Your Back Massage for more details.

Schedule your labor ready massage early and as often as you like. 

Cancellations due to labor are welcomed!

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Mother and Baby in Autumn

You can receive a postpartum massage as soon as you are able and are no longer on any pain medications. 

Please note Baby Your Back Massage does not offer childcare at this time. 

Please consult your primary care physician with any personal medical considerations and/or contraindications.

Placing our moms on their stomach beyond 10 weeks of pregnancy is not recommended and puts undue strain on ligaments and the prenatal body. Baby Your Back Massage will be positioning you into ergonomically correct positions to support your body all throughout your pregnancy and postpartum care. Our care is to prepare your body for positions that are optimal for circulation, relaxation and sleep all through your prenatal and postpartum development. 

Contact Baby Your Back Massage directly with your restrictions provided by your prenatal care provider.

Movement is important for lymph drainage and circulation for any body. Massage is one of the best ways to regulate blood pressure, move the lymph system, and allow for greater relaxation. Baby Your Back Massage can find ways for you to relax. Contact Baby Your Back Massage directly for more details.

When can I receive a postpartum massage?

Will you be positioning me on my stomach?

Can I still receive a massage if my doctor has recommended bedrest? 

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