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Care with Kristyn



Join me...

Your care will solely be with me. I am open by appointment only.

Contact me directly to make arrangements for your safe and healthy care: or 669-258-4888

I ask that if you are ill or have been ill in the last 48 hours to stay home, relax, and reschedule for another time.

What to expect...

  • Please give yourself an extra 30 minutes with me to review health history and to discuss how I can help. I want to ensure that you are relaxed, healthy, and stress free wherever you are.

  • 100 percent cold-pressed organic jojoba oil and Alba Botanica Unscented Lotion for all of my clients. Both are PH balanced and fantastic for all skin types. Wonderful for all over body and safe for when baby touches your skin. 

  • Hand sanitizer and a clean dry cloth will always be with me during the treatment for a quick clean of hands or covering surfaces during treatment.

  • 100 percent cotton sheets and pillow covers washed and sanitized daily and all sets including pillow covers are used solely for each client. 

  • Waterproof allergen and mite free pillow covers  

  • Washable vinyl physical therapy bolsters designed for your comfort

  • I will be running a HEPA filter in my space to ensure best circulation and cleaning of the air.​​


Health Care Measures for Everyone

  • virtual health screen check in prior to your appointment to ensure you and I are both well.

  • Please shower and wash your hands prior to arriving to my suite.

  • A temperature and a symptoms screen will be provided for you to sign upon arrival.

  • A personal protection mask must be worn inside my suite regardless of vaccination status.

  • I will be wearing a personal protection mask for your safety.

  • Please remove your shoes prior to entering my suite. There is a shoe stand inside the doorway provided for your convenience.

  • A private restroom and hand sanitizer is provided for your convenience.

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Mother and Baby in Autumn
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